Google in court in Australia over on-screen ads

The consumer watchdog has accused Google of deceiving its users by blurring the lines between paid and unpaid search results in favour of one of its main advertisers.In what is believed to be the first lawsuit of its kind in the world, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has started proceedings in the Federal Court against the ubiquitous internet search engine, its Australian subsidiary and one of its clients, the Trading Post. see:
Google in court for ‘misleading its users’ on paid links to advertisers
Google, the world’s most popular internet search engine, is being taken to court for allegedly deceiving millions of users over links that are paid for by its advertisers.
In the first legal action of its kind, Australia’s competition watchdog is seeking an injunction to stop Google from displaying search results that did not “expressly distinguish” advertisements. faces landmark lawsuit
An Australian government agency has filed what is thought to be the first trading standards lawsuit against Google, adding to a lengthening list of legal actions around the world China company says to sue Google over name (Reuters)
A Chinese company is suing Google Inc.’s China subsidiary for copying its name, saying the U.S. search engine’s registered Chinese name is too similar to its own and has harmed its operations. scrutiny for Google security
Much as the ubiquity of Microsoft’s Windows operating system and Office productivity tools has made the software giant a focal point of security research, search giant Google is facing new scrutiny as it diversifies its products and moves further into the business environment.

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