Google helps the web to go social

Google has joined the drive to make the web more social by introducing tools to enable people to interact with their friends.Friend Connect follows plans announced last week by the world’s two biggest social networking sites, MySpace and Facebook.Data Availability and Connect let users move their personal profiles and applications to other websites. see:Google Wants to Help Web Sites Make New Friends
If you run a Web site, you may have a lot of new friends.Last week, site owners learned they could add information about their users from MySpace and Facebook.On Monday, Google introduced its take on the same phenomenon, Google Friend Connect. to Connect Friends Across the Web
To socialize these days, hundreds of millions of people every month visit networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook.But what if the Web itself operated as a social network?Google announced yesterday another step in what its engineers see as that inevitable evolution. A new, free service from the Mountain View, Calif., tech giant will allow any Web site to become a social site. brings Friend Connect to the masses
As expected, Google has unveiled a preview of Friend Connect, a way to add social features to a Web site without programming.David Glazer, director of engineering at Google, described Friend Connect, whose site is inaccessible Monday morning, as plumbing for the rest of the Web. to the social mess?
Google Friend Connect, Facebook Connect, MySpace Data Availability, OpenID, DataPortability: Managing a bunch of different log-ins and passwords suddenly seems easy and straightforward.Within a matter of days, some of the biggest names on the Web announced new projects that all have a roughly similar aim of making it possible for Web users to have a single social-media identity across the Internet–“data portability,” as the general term has come to be known. was first out of the gate with the announcement of Data Availability, a way for members of the News Corp.-owned social network to share their profile data with partner sites including eBay, Yahoo, and Twitter. The next day, Facebook launched Facebook Connect, an extension of its developer API so that third-party sites can incorporate Facebook authentication and user identities.

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