Google: Happy birthday and 10 years from now

In the future, will we finally have flying cars? Maybe, maybe not – but Google will still definitely run the webIn the next day or so you’ll probably find yourself hearing a lot about how Google started 10 years ago, and, well, isn’t it remarkable that a company that started in a garage has survived that long and become a household name? I’m not going to do that. Hell, that’s what Wikipedia and the official Google history are for.I’m more interested in Google’s next 10 years – because that could define what life is like in 2018 and beyond. I’m not exaggerating. And if I’m wrong, you can come back and beat me over the head with a printout of this piece. birthday Google
One day this month will mark Google’s official 10th birthday, but when exactly should we be celebrating, asks Richard WrayOne day this month will mark Google’s official 10th birthday. The company will probably celebrate with a blog post and a special logo and we’ll see a slew of articles about how much they’ve accomplished in those 10 years. A few publications couldn’t wait and got their Google tributes out last month.But when exactly should we be celebrating? Almost certainly on September 27. But the real answer is way more complicated than that.

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