Google hacking allegations ‘very serious’ says Clinton

The FBI is to investigate “very serious” allegations that the Google mail accounts of senior US government officials have been attacked by Chinese hackers, said the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, as the long-running war between the technology giant and the Chinese government escalated.China hit back angrily at suggestions it was behind the “phishing” attacks on the email addresses of hundreds of targets, including senior military and government personnel from the US and South Korea. A spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry called the accusation “a total fabrication” made by those “with ulterior motives”. “Hacking attacks are an international issue. China is also a victim,” Hong Lei told a press conference in Beijing. hack: phishing finger pointed at China’s Lanxiang vocational school
Depending on your perspective, Lanxiang vocational school is either the heart of a secretive global hacking conspiracy or a second-rate educational factory that is best known for churning out hairdressers and cooks.Founded in 1984, the school takes in 20,000 students a year and has a domestic reputation for its kitchen and boutique training. Clinton says FBI will investigate Gmail hacking; China denies involvement
The FBI will launch an investigation into the hacking of hundreds of Gmail accounts in China, among which were the accounts of some U.S. officials, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday, according to a report.Google officials said Wednesday they were able to stop the hack, which was in the form of a phishing scam, but also said they believed the hackers monitored the Gmail activity of Chinese political activists, journalists and government and military officials from the U.S. and other Asian countries — predominantly South Korea. just the FAQs
Phishing is “the act of defrauding an online account holder of information by posing as a legitimate company”, according to the dictionary. Most people will already be familiar with it through the stream of spam emails arriving in their inboxes pretending that there has been a “security update” to their bank, credit card, online shop or similar system.The modus operandi is almost always the same: the user is lured by an email to go and view a page. (The excuse may vary: sometimes it’s a “security update which means we need your details again”, sometimes it’s “attempts have been made to access your account”, and sometimes it’s “confirming your order for…” – citing some expensive object you’d never have wanted at an online site.)

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