Google Finds Ways to Search Faster and Without Typing

How fast is fast when talking about search? Google thinks it can be even faster — and easier — and one way is by eliminating typing altogether, at least in some cases.Google users will be able to search by talking to a computer or dropping an image in the search box, the company said Tuesday at Inside Search, an event in San Francisco. Google will also pre-load the Web pages it predicts users are most likely to click to save two to five seconds during a search. see:Google Instant Pages to speed web search
Perhaps Google should change the wording of its “Guess it for me” button from “I’m feeling lucky” to “I’m feeling psychic”. The search giant has unveiled a new feature that will predict which page a user will choose from a list of search results and begin fetching its data – even before they have clicked on the link.Designed to shave between 2 to 5 seconds from the overall search query time, “Instant Pages” builds on Google Instant, introduced in September 2010, which produces a page of search results before the user has finished typing their query or pressed the entry key. Instant Pages: A New Way To Speed Up Search
Google unveiled a new search tool, Instant Pages, that the company promises will shave 4-10 seconds off of users’ queries.Google Instant Pages relies on existing Google search technologies such as Google Instant, which automatically suggests customized queries, to load web pages more quickly by pre-loading the results the search algorithm predicts a user will click on. Rather than having to wait for the images, text, and other elements of a page to load, users will be able to click on a link in the search results and see all the components of the page virtually instantly. hones search for mobile and speed
Google Inc unveiled new features and technology to speed up Web searches and to make it easier for people to use its flagship search engine as they increasingly access the Internet from handheld mobile devices.At a briefing in San Francisco on Tuesday, Google demonstrated a new feature called Instant Pages which allows certain Web pages to pop-up in a user’s Web browser nearly instantaneously, as well as a revamped version of its website for mobile devices.

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