Google faces new complaint in French anti-trust probe

A new complaint about Google’s alleged anti-competitive behaviour has been filed by specialist French search engine 1plusV.It follows similar complaints from price comparison site Foundem and legal search engine last year.Those triggered a European Commission probe into Google’s business practices, which is ongoing. see:Google Faces New Antitrust Charges in Europe
Google faced new accusations Tuesday that it was blocking a smaller European search service from competing on the Internet by restricting the use of Google’s powerful system for attracting advertisers.A French company, 1plusV, which owns, one three European companies that have already filed charges against Google, said it sent a supplementary complaint to the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union. site charges Google with fresh abuse
Google has continued to thwart rivals despite complaints of anticompetitive behaviour filed with EU antitrust regulators last year, the creator of French legal search engine said on Tuesday.The French company is one of three online search engines that have already accused the world’s No. 1 in web search of abusing its dominant position by demoting rival sites in results and giving preference to its own services. says working with EU over rivals’ concerns
Web search giant Google said on Tuesday it was working with the European Commission to address competition concerns after a rival renewed complaints of anticompetitive behaviour.”We continue to work cooperatively with the European Commission, explaining many aspects of our business,” Google spokesman Al Verney said. search company lobs new antitrust complaint at Google
French search company 1PlusV has added to the European dogpile on Google, accusing the search giant of keeping the little guys down when it comes to advertising on AdSense. 1PlusV says it has filed a new complaint with the European Commission to supplement an earlier complaint against Google. The Commission says it plans to give Google a chance to respond before moving forward.1PlusV is behind the legal search engine, and says that Google won’t allow the site to use AdSense to make money. The decision “impedes the development of efficient vertical search engines,” 1PlusV attorney Marie-Cécile Rameau said on Tuesday, adding that Google seems to be preventing consumers from accessing more search options as well.

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