Google Ends Its Project for Selling Radio Ads

Google entered the radio advertising business with grand ambitions three years ago. On Thursday, those ambitions fizzled.Google said it was ending its radio project, Google Audio Ads, because it had failed to live up to expectations. Up to 40 people are expected to lose their jobs.It was the second time in two months that Google had killed a program meant to expand its advertising business offline, suggesting that the appeal of Google’s automated model for selling ads may be far more limited than the company once hoped. withdraws from radio-ad market
Google is to stop selling advertising on broadcast radio at the end of May. The decision to stop its audio ads service is the second defeat in as many months for the internet search giant in its efforts to expand beyond the online ad market.The move, which will mean the loss of 40 jobs, is a part of Google’s plan to cut costs in the face of recession. It recently announced 100 layoffs in its recruitment department.

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