Google – ‘don’t do evil’ in China

Google is continuing to cooperate with Chinese authorities to censor the internet from material deemed ‘sensitive’ by the Chinese Government. In doing so, Google is complicit in violating the fundamental human rights to freedom of expression and information of Chinese citizens.Previously, despite some unreliability, has been available in China. Since Google voluntarily signed the ‘Public Pledge on Self-discipline for the Chinese internet industry’ and the launch of, Google has been supporting the censorship regime in China.Google has faced increasing numbers of shareholders, staff, NGOs, civil society and resolutions put forth at its Annual General Meeting, calling on the company to adhere to ethical standards in conducting business.Nonetheless, Google is seeking to expand its operations in China by hiring more staff, building more partnerships with Chinese website operators, and growing their market share.Google is providing little indication of retracting their involvement in violating the human rights of Chinese citizens. Google’s Board has recommended to their shareholders, to reject proposals that would oblige Google to take action to uphold international human rights standards on freedom of information and expression.

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