Google discloses carbon footprint for the first time

Google’s carbon footprint is on a par with the United Nations, the internet giant revealed on Thursday as it published its energy usage for the first time.Google says that it emits 1.5m tonnes of carbon annually but claims that its data centres consume 50% less energy than the industry average. The emissions are slightly higher than the country of Laos in south-east Asia and equivalent to the UN’s operational footprint. see:Google Details, and Defends, Its Use of Electricity
Google disclosed Thursday that it continuously uses enough electricity to power 200,000 homes, but it says that in doing so, it also makes the planet greener.Every time a person runs a Google search, watches a YouTube video or sends a message through Gmail, the company’s data centers full of computers use electricity. Those data centers around the world continuously draw almost 260 million watts — about a quarter of the output of a nuclear power plant. reveals carbon footprint
Google has opened the kimono and shed light on its global energy consumption that’s a notch above Malawi.The internet giant’s move to reveal key environmental statistics was lauded by Greenpeace, which urged Facebook to follow Google’s lead.Data for 2010 showed Google generated 1.46 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, which Greenpeace equates to that of a country placed number 132 in power usage rankings.

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