Google deletes accounts with ties to Iran on YouTube and other sites

Google announced Thursday that it deleted 58 accounts with ties to Iran on its video platform YouTube and its other sites, the latest sign that foreign agents from around the world increasingly seek to spread disinformation on a broad array of popular websites.

The new removals targeted 39 channels on YouTube, which had more than 13,000 views in the United States, as well as 13 accounts on the social networking site Google Plus and six accounts on Blogger, its blogging platform, the company said. Kent Walker, Google’s senior vice president of global affairs, said in a blog post that each of the accounts had ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, or IRIB, which is tied to Iran’s ayatollah, and that they “disguised their connection to this effort.”

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Google Deletes 39 YouTube Channels Linked to Iranian Influence Operation
Two days after Facebook revealed far-reaching Iranian and Russian disinformation campaigns on its social network, Google said Thursday that it had removed 39 YouTube channels linked to the Iranian state broadcaster.

Google, which owns YouTube, said in a blog post that it had determined the 39 YouTube channels were linked to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. It discovered those accounts working off a tip from the cybersecurity firm FireEye about a handful of suspicious Google accounts.

Google removes several blogs, YouTube accounts linked to Iran
Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Thursday it had identified and terminated 39 YouTube channels linked to state-run Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

Google has also removed 39 YouTube channels and six blogs on Blogger and 13 Google+ accounts.

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