Google Defends Privacy Practices

Google responded to concerns raised by privacy ministers from 10 countries, saying the Internet firm has tried to be transparent and give users control over how their information is used.Last month, privacy commissioners from Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom wrote Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt voicing concern that Google has failed to adequately ensure privacy in the rollout of its new products. They cited Google’s launch of its social networking service Buzz as the most prominent example but also voiced concerns with Google Street View, which gives a panoramic, street-level view of various locations around the world. see:Google answers privacy questions posed by commissioners
Google has defended its privacy practices following a letter of complaint from data protection commissioners around the world.The original letter expressed concerns on privacy issues surrounding Google’s social networking tool Buzz and its Street View service.In response Google said it was “committed to ensuring privacy is designed into our products”. claims its privacy protections are adequate in response to regulators’ criticisms
Google has responded to the criticisms of 10 privacy commissioners and their demands that it improve its record on the privacy protections in new product launches by saying that it is already doing enough on privacy.Google privacy lawyers Jane Horvath and Peter Fleischer have written to the 10 commissioners to say that, contrary to their claims, it does protect the privacy of its users.

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