Google cybersquatter demands a job

A cybersquatter wanting a job with Google has been rather inventive. “Sebastian Klein, a network administrator, has registered at least eight Google-related internet domain names and, in a letter posted in 10 languages on each of the sites, he demands a job in exchange for handing over ownership of the names,” reports The Associated Press.I would imagine Google, or any other company for that matter, wouldn’t be too impressed at being held to ransom, but I guess you would have to concede it is a novel approach.The job Sebastien is keen on is “employment as an internal auditor for security IT’ and he says he must be allowed to travel to Cologne to visit his daughter every weekend.The link from the AP story though now resolves to a Google site, leading to the impression Google’s lawyers were in touch demanding the domain names, or he got his job and happily gave them up.I haven’t heard anything on this since it was originally reported to suggest either way, so if anyone has any further updates, please let us know!The Associated Press story is available from