Google could be granted copyright immunity in UK law

Proposed amendment to the Digital Economy Bill exempts search engines from copyright infringement claims from third parties – Rupert Murdoch presumably includedTime for Rupert Murdoch to mobilise the lobbyists? Search engines would be exempted in UK law from any liability for copyright infringement, under a remarkable amendment (292) proposed to the Digital Economy Bill.Conservative Lord Lucas is proposing a specific new clause so that… “Every provider of a publicly accessible website shall be presumed to give a standing and non-exclusive license to providers of search engine services to make a copy of some or all of the content of that website, for the purpose only of providing said search engine services … “A provider of search engine services who acts in accordance with this section shall not be liable for any breach of copyright…” see:Peer proposes copyright exemption for search engines
A Conservative peer has proposed creating a new exemption from copyright law for search engines that create copies of web pages in order to perform their search duties.Search engines operate by creating a copy, or index, of the pages on the web. It is this copy which the system searches when a user inputs a query. The user is then directed to the live web page.

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