Google cookies will ‘auto delete’ after 2 years

Google has said that its cookies will auto delete after two years. They will be deleted unless the user returns to a Google site within the two-year period, prompting a re-setting of the file’s lifespan. see:
Google to cut down its ‘cookie monster’
Google will reduce the amount of time that “cookies” are installed on users’ computers to track their online habits, in a bid to address mounting concern over privacy.The internet search giant said that “in the coming months” it will start to issue cookies that expire two years after a user visits its website, but they will be updated each time that they return. Google cookies last until 2038 at present.
Google yields to privacy campaign
Google is to begin deleting private information it stores on the computers of millions of users, Google announced. The company currently stores cookies – small pieces of information which help identify users – on computers for more than 30 years.,,2128398,00.html

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