Google conquers 2008 search market in U.S.

About 69.5 percent of Internet searches in the U.S. took place through Google during 2008, with search traffic increasing 8 percent over 2007, according to research firm Hitwise.At whose expense was this growth? No surprise: Yahoo and Microsoft. Second-place Yahoo had 19.2 percent of the search volume, a drop of 11 percent from its year-earlier volume, while Microsoft accounted for 5.9 percent of the volume, a drop of 32 percent for the year, Hitwise said. increased volume 1 percent to a share of 3.8 percent.But looking at the story month-to-month, Microsoft fared better. “MSN Search has increased five months in a row now,” Hitwise said, rising to 5.6 percent of the market in December.

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