Google Chrome operating system launch takes fight to Windows

Google will on Thursday unveil an initial version of its Chrome operating system for personal computers as it seeks to revolutionise the way people access the internet and challenge the might of Microsoft.The Google Chrome OS, technical details of which will be released for web developers, is another free product from the internet search giant as it uses its massive resources to break into new technology sectors. see:Google previews Chrome open source operating system
Internet search giant Google has lifted the lid on its operating system, known as Chrome OS.The free and open source system is initially aimed at low-cost netbooks and does away with many of the features of a traditional program.All applications are designed to run in a web browser and all the user’s data is stored on Google’s servers. aims to take over the netbook market with its Chrome operating system
Google dominates the web and is already making a big impact in the smartphone business with its Android operating system. The netbook computer is next in line, and Google is targeting this fast-growing market with Chrome OS, a stripped down operating system designed to do everything inside its own Chrome web browser.Chrome OS is a year away from launch, but Google said it was talking to leading manufacturers and hoped to have systems on the market for the Christmas selling season. Today, however, it released an early version of the code to the open source development community. Chrome OS: What We Might See
In just a few hours, the tech world’s attention will shift to the Googleplex in Mountain View, California where the company will offer a developer preview of Google Chrome OS. We should learn a fair amount about what the new OS will be able to do, and what Google’s future plans are. I was able to uncover a few tidbits about predictions in advance of the Chrome OS unveiling; here are some things to ponder while we wait for Google to show their hand. Offers Peek at Operating System, a Potential Challenge to Windows
Google began lifting the veil on its planned Chrome operating system on Thursday, but it said that computers powered by the software would not be available for a year.The new operating system, which is closely tied to Google’s Web browser, also named Chrome, is seen as a potential challenge to Microsoft, whose Windows software powers the vast majority of personal computers.

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