Google chief extends olive branch to mobile phone groups

Google chief executive Eric Schmidt has extended an olive branch to the mobile phone industry saying he is “not trying to run rough shod” over the operators or turn them into “dumb pipes” in the air.Speaking for the first time at Mobile World Congress, the industry’s largest trade show, Schmidt faced angry questioning from some in the industry who fear that Google is piggybacking on their massive investment in infrastructure, through ventures such as its Android mobile phone platform, but giving them no return.To read this report in The Guardian in full, see: see:Google CEO woos suspicious mobile industry
Google’s Chief Executive Eric Schmidt urged the mobile industry to embrace the mobile Web instead of seeing Google as the enemy, in his first speech to the world’s biggest wireless industry fair.Schmidt said the industry stood at an historic moment when the computing power of mobile phones, attractive services and networks that could handle them had come together, and said Google was driving network traffic to the benefit of operators.

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