Google challenges Russia YouTube video ban

Google has filed an appeal with a Russian court challenging the country’s inclusion of a YouTube video on an official blacklist.The clip shows a woman using make-up and a razor blade to make it appear that she has cut one of her wrists.A Russian watchdog banned it on the grounds it provided information about how to commit suicide. see:Youtube Fights Russian Public Safety Agency’s Video Ban
Google’s video site, YouTube, is challenging a Russian federal agency’s ban on one of the videos it hosts in a bid to clarify the effects of a law some Russian IT companies say could lead to Internet censorship.YouTube filed suit in a Moscow court after the Russian federal agency for consumer protection and public health and safety, Rospotrebnadzor, ordered it to prevent Russians from viewing a video that shows how to create a theatrical make-up effect. The video demonstrates how a blunted razor, glue and fake blood can make it appear a razor blade is actually sticking out of someone’s wrist. This could be a useful trick for Halloween, but the consumer regulator sees it as an instruction video on how to commit suicide, a source familiar with the matter said.

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