Google Calls U.S. Data Request Disclosures a Step Backward for Users

Even as tech companies were given permission to publish some data on national security requests for users’ data, Google said the authorization did not go far enough.Facebook and Microsoft on Friday night published data that for the first time included national security requests authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which are broad surveillance orders that prohibit recipients from acknowledging their existence. The companies, led by Google, had publicly pressed the government to let them publish the data since Tuesday, in an attempt to quell anxiety among consumers after revelations of the government’s secret Internet surveillance program. see:Apple reveals US surveillance requests, following Facebook’s lead
The technology firm Apple says it has received 4,000-5,000 surveillance requests from the US government about its customers since December 2012.The company’s disclosure comes after the Guardian revealed the existence of a US National Security Agency programme called Prism to tap into data held by Apple, Google, Facebook and other tech companies. discloses US data requests following Prism leaks
Apple is the latest tech firm to publish details of data requests from the US authorities.The firm said it received requests for information linked to between 9,000 and 10,000 accounts or devices between December and the end of May.It said the demands included “national security matters” among other information. Microsoft and Facebook published similar numbers last week.

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