Google boss praises Australia’s national broadband network

The chairman of internet giant Google has thrown his support behind Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN).The Federal Government has come under pressure from the Opposition because of the cost of the $36 billion rollout.Speaking at a conference in Barcelona, chairman Eric Schmidt says Australia has shown great leadership on the issue.”Australia is leading the world in understanding the importance of fibre,” he said.To read this ABC News report in full, see: see:Pipe dreams of a faster future
Stephen Conroy is not one for bad dreams. Bad dreams come to people who doubt, who repress their anxiety. It’s hard to imagine the federal Communications Minister repressing anything – he’s always in the moment.Conroy will admit the big milestones in a multibillion-dollar infrastructure project sometimes force a moment’s pause. Last week, as he completed his letter of offer to Telstra settling a commercial agreement for the use of its infrastructure for his national broadband network, the magnitude and scale of the project materialised before him.

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