Google Baulks at Turning Over Data to German/Hong Kong Regulators

Google on Thursday balked at requests from regulators in Germany and Hong Kong to surrender fragments of Internet data and e-mails it had improperly collected from unsecured home wireless networks, saying it needed time to resolve legal issues.In Germany, Google said it was not able to comply with the Hamburg data protection supervisor’s request to inspect information the company collected from Internet users by roving cars used to compile its Street View photo map archive. see:Google misses German WiFi deadline
Google has missed a deadline with regulators in Germany to hand over personal data it collected from WiFi networks as part of its StreetView scheme, as the internet group grapples with a legal dilemma over the request.The delay means Google could face a fine of hundreds of thousands of euros, and comes as Google faces increasing pressure from regulators globally for its unauthorised accumulation of 600GB of personal data. skips German deadline for Wi-Fi data
Google has yet to turn over data collected as part of its Street View program to German authorities, and could be prepared to hold out for some time.The New York Times and Financial Times reported that Google missed a Wednesday deadline to turn over the data it collected from unsecured Wi-Fi networks by its Street View cars, a practice which Google has said was done inadvertently but has raised the hackles of critics and privacy advocates. Google did provide German authorities with a written explanation of how the incident occurred, according to the AP, but it’s declining to provide the actual data citing, of all things, data protection laws.

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