Google attacks Brussels antitrust case in 100-page response

Google has described the European commission’s antitrust case against its search engine business as “wrong as a matter of fact, law and economics” in a lengthy counter submitted to the regulator.The commission’s competition policy chief, Margrethe Vestager, launched a full-scale legal attack on Google in April, accusing the company of abusing its market dominance by systematically favouring its shopping price comparison service. see:Google Rebuts Europe on Antitrust Charges
Google on Thursday rejected claims from the European Union’s top antitrust official that the company favored some of its own search results over those of rivals, saying there was significant competition in the region’s online search market and that the company’s services increased choice for local consumers.The company’s response, which was submitted to the European Commission Thursday afternoon, is the latest chapter in a long investigation into the Silicon Valley technology giant, which would face fines worth billions of dollars if it is found to have broken the European Union’s antitrust rules.

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