Google Adds Live Results From Twitter to Searches

Google addressed the press at an event near its headquarters on Monday, talking about its advances in mobile, real-time and social search. It’s unveiling several new features that could influence how people search the Web. One big change, live results from Twitter and other sites mixed in with the standard Web search results, is rolling out over the next few days. see:Google Counters in Contest With Microsoft
Google Inc. on Monday unveiled several new Internet-search advances, including ways to find information by taking a photo and results that stream on to a Web page continuously, as it attempts to fend off Microsoft Corp. and other new competitors.One advance will incorporate more real-time search results — content that hit the Internet in the preceding seconds — into Google’s standard search-results page. includes real-time data in search results
Google has launched real-time search to give users access to up to the second information.The search giant said it will draw real-time data from over a billion pages on the web.The new feature will also include updates from Twitter and the social networks of MySpace and Facebook. search goes real-time
Google has moved to head off some of the threat from young rivals such as Twitter and Facebook by announcing plans to prominently display results from social networking sites in its search pages.The new development, which the Californian technology giant dubs “real-time search”, aims to bring users more up-to-date information as they scour the web for information. Over the next few days, anybody searching online using Google will see their traditional search results augmented by a string of constantly updating messages drawn from social networks, news sites and blogs. includes real-time search results
Google has given users the ability to find out what the world is talking about with the universal launch of real-time search.The search giant announced deals with Facebook and MySpace to include public updates from the social networking sites in their “latest results” feed on the usual Google results pages.

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