Google Accounts For More Than 65% Of U.S. Searches

Health and medical had the highest share of traffic from search engines at 44.64%, while business and finance had the least at 17.04%, according to the latest Hitwise survey.Google accounted for more than six of 10 online searches in the United States in November, more than triple the amount of its closest rival Yahoo, a Web metrics firm said Tuesday.Google’s share of the market rose to 65.1% from 61.84% in the same month a year ago, Hitwise said. In October, Google had a 64.49% share.Yahoo Search was a distant second last month with 21.21% of searches, followed by Microsoft’s MSN Search, 7.09%; and, 4.63%. The remaining 46 search engines in the Hitwise rankings accounted for 1.96% of searches.Yahoo, Microsoft and dipped in market share from October, according to Hitwise. Compared to a year ago, Yahoo was down 1.22%, and Microsoft 2.73%.’s share increased 0.4 %.

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