Good News from ICANN – opinion by Larry Seltzer

A deal to resolve the Registerfly crisis, attention to important technical problems and an appearance in the United States are on tap for ICANN writes Larry Seltzer in eWeek. Seltzer notes there’s been a lot of action on the ICANN site and blog in the last couple of days. First, the Registerfly deal. Seltzer says he’s confused, because if it is possible to make all domains available to registrants, “then RegisterFly really has been stalling, perhaps for negotiating reasons, which is truly appalling.” Seltzer also writes “in the finest ICANN bureaucratese, they have announced that research and a report will be issued on the subject of domain tasting” and that ICANN “has also requested proposals for Registrar Data Escrow Services” following RegisterFly’s collapse.

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