GoDaddy Warehousing Customers’ Expired Domains

GoDaddy and its subsidiaries are warehousing its customers’ domain names and directly profiting from them reports Domain Name Wire.The report says GoDaddy is doing its best to hide the warehousing, noting they have “taken a number of steps to hide this practice from public view.”The practice of making money from expired domain names is nothing new. The report says “most large domain name registrars try to make money from them. Network Solutions and eNom auction expired domains at NameJet. auctions domains through Snapnames.”However GoDaddy is not using a partner to sell the domain names but rather auctions them on its “own platform originally called The Domain Name Aftermarket (TDNAM).”But when a domain name does not sell, Domain Name Wire says “something not-so-transparent goes on in the background.”To read of the practices from GoDaddy in the Domain Name Wire story, click here.

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