GoDaddy Parked Domain Programme Ruled Not Cybersquatting

GoDaddy’s parked domain programme has been ruled not to be cybersquatting in a case brought by the organisation that runs the Oscars in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.The 129 page ruling on 10 September said “the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences failed to show that GoDaddy had acted in bad faith in allowing customers to register and ‘park’ domain names that incorporated trademarks such as ‘Oscar’ and ‘Academy Award’,” reported Bloomberg BNA.The Academy sued in 2010 accusing GoDaddy of “letting customers ‘park’ their pages on the Internet and share in revenue collected from advertising on those pages,” according to Reuters, seeking “statutory damages of $100,000 per infringement, equal to more than $29 million, court papers showed.””Birotte, however, said GoDaddy ‘reasonably relied’ on its users’ representations that their domain registrations did not infringe any trademarks, including the Academy’s.””Furthermore,” reported BNA, “the court pointed to GoDaddy’s own industry-leading efforts to police trademark violations by its customers that went beyond its legal obligations.””Given those efforts, the court rejected the academy’s argument that GoDaddy had the technological capacity to do even more to protect the academy’s trademark interests.”For more details see the BNA Bloomberg report here and the Reuters report here.