GoDaddy On Why It’s Hosting B Root Servers

In a blog post this week, GoDaddy have outlined why they host B Root Servers, which are critical internet infrastructure.

It’s a bit of self-interest and a bit of helping maintaining the continued operation of the internet. In the blog post by Brian Dickson, a member of the DNS team at GoDaddy, he writes “by hosting several B Root Server instances, GoDaddy is committing to improving this service, for the benefit of itself, its own customers, and the greater Internet community.”

“The actual operation of B Root Servers is by USC/ISI, an independent organization, where GoDaddy is a hands-off partner providing the infrastructure to be operated independently by the team managing the B Root service.”

In his post, Dickson explains the DNS Root Servers and how GoDaddy is contributing by hosting B Root instances as well as providing a background of the Domain Name System (DNS) as a hierarchy and discussing the root of that hierarchy to help provide context for the various root server identities and independent operations, and to give a frame of reference for the discussion about the B Root servers.

To read the blog post by Brian Dickson in full, go to: