GoDaddy and Tuvalu Rebrand .TV as Pacific Nation Enters the Metaverse Due to Climate Change Threat

Tuvalu and GoDaddy Registry have relaunched a rebranded .TV 7.5 months after signing a contract that saw GoDaddy become the ccTLD’s new registry operator. Today .TV is billed “as the online home for content creators the world over” with the strapline “Turn on .TV”.

In addition to the critical technical and operational aspects of managing TLD transitions, GoDaddy Registry’s full-service offering that the Government of Tuvalu signed up for includes a complete rebrand and marketing makeover.

For .TV, GoDaddy Registry reimagined the brand as a destination for the new generation of internet users, including content creators from Instagram influencers and TikTokkers, to YouTubers, bloggers and Twitch streamers. The new .TV brand uses bold, energetic visuals that are familiar to GoDaddy Registry’s digitally native audience. The registry says the result is a fresh, fun take on a classic ccTLD that is bursting with colour, while giving a nod to the retro television aesthetic.

As the .TV rebrand and relaunch was happening Tuvalu’s Minister for Communications Simon Kofe was addressing the COP27 climate summit in Egypt from a digitally created small islet that, said Kofe, “is likely to be one of the first spots in Tuvalu to be submerged by rising sea levels.”

To deal with the problems caused by climate change and “as our land disappears, Kofe said Tuvalu has “no choice but to become the world’s first digital nation.” To keep Tuvalu’s land, ocean and culture safe, “the most precious assets of our people”, Kofe said “Tuvalu will move them to the cloud, recreating them virtually.”

Tuvaluan Communications Minister Simon Kofe’s addresses COP27

The move to preserve the assets of Tuvalu virtually will allow the Pacific Island nation “to continue to function as a state.” The move to enter the metaverse is part of “planning and preparing for a worst-case scenario” and being able to secure their Statehood, maritime boundaries and endowments no matter what happens in the future Kofe said.

Tuvalu will be the first country to replicate itself in the metaverse, according to a Reuters report. Other governments to provide limited services in the metaverse include the city of Seoul and the island nation of Barbados which last year said they would enter the metaverse to provide administrative and consular services, respectively.

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