GoDaddy Agrees to Run Domains in Limbo

There is wide coverage of agreeing to take over and manage more than 850,000 domain names belonging to customers of RegisterFly according to announcements from ICANN and transfer of domain names is automatic. GoDaddy will notify existing RegisterFly customers about the switch and set up a Web page and telephone hotline. GoDaddy expects to start running those names within a week. ICANN is undoubtedly pleased there is an outcome, and GoDaddy one would have to assume is pleased due to the huge increase in customers. The result is that the thousands of domain name holders whose domains were managed by RegisterFly will now be able to use, renew or even transfer their domains.There are dozens of stories reporting this, the most prominent of these being from Associated Press. Others include IDG and The Register. There are also news releases from ICANN and along with a posting on the ICANN Blog.

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