God Saves Kiwi Cybersquatter!

A New Zealand cybersquatter Jeff Twigge says he gave up the practice after reading “a passage in 1 Corinthians, chapter 6, from the Bible (King James version). ‘Extortioners’, listed among various kinds of people who would not inherit the kingdom of God, ‘leapt off the page,'” reports the Manawatu Standard. Previously Mr Twigge justified his cybersquatting “as modern-day Robin Hood behaviour.”Mr Twigge has stopped buying and selling domain names, a practice he feels has caused him to let down the Christian community. Well, it takes all sorts as they might say in Little Britain!The case causing Mr Twigge such angst involved the domain name ozjet.co.nz the airline OzJet wanted, and which Mr Twigge registered two days after the Australian airline announced it would start trans-Tasman flights.The process that led to Mr Twigge’s angst and change of heart was initially asking for NZ$5000, and then trying to get OzJet to fly a terminally ill child and his or her family to Dreamworld in Australia, all expenses paid.”A contrite Mr Twigge, of Palmerston North, said he raised money, which he then donated to charity, by buying and selling domain names.”To read the Manawatu Standard’s article, see stuff.co.nz/4429708a11.html.

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