GMO Registry Announces Results For First Ever .SHOP Auction sold for $10,480 (RMB70,000) to top the first ever auction of .shop domain names, GMO Registry announced. The domain has the meaning of being ‘continuously profitable’ in Chinese. All 20 domain names up for auction targeted the Chinese market and either featured numbers that are considered lucky or were Chinese words.Second was (‘bar’) which sold for $9,881 (RMB66,000) while third was (‘perfect’) selling for $8,866 (RMB59,222). Following was (‘present’ or ‘gift’ – $3,593/RMB24,001) and (‘mother and child’ – $3,590/RMB24,000).For the auction the Japanese GMO partnered with the Chinese Alibaba Group, with the latter being the largest retail commerce company in the world.
GMO Registry Alibaba dotSHOP auction results image