GMO Registry Announces French Ecommerce Solution Provider Wizishop Is .SHOP Pioneer

dotSHOP gTLD logoThe French e-commerce solution provider Wizishop has been selected to participate in the .shop Pioneer Programme.

Wizishop is benefiting from an early registration of the domain name WIZI.SHOP ahead of the .shop release as well as extra marketing support on the part of GMO Registry in promoting their business.

Since the launch of ICANN’s new generic Top Level Domain programme in 2012, more than 1,000 new gTLDs have been delegated. The .SHOP TLD, which GMO Registry paid more than $41 million to secure, was first launched with a Sunrise phase for trademark holders starting June 30, 2016. At the same time, the registry launched a “Pioneer Program,” for which it selected the French ecommerce company Wizishop to be .SHOP’s ambassador in France.

On the one hand, the program allows Wizishop to priority register its .SHOP domain and on the other hand provides Wizishop extra marketing support from GMO Regstry and on the other hand it lets GMO Registry associate .SHOP with big players in the ecommerce market.

Says GMO Registry CEO, Hiro Tsukahara, “.SHOP Pioneers will be instrumental in helping us to shape and build the .shop namespace and we couldn’t be more proud to have Wizishop as a partner in the .shop launch.”

Gregory Beyrouti, co-founder of Wizishop expressed the company’s enthusiasm, saying, “We are very honored that our application, submitted by Gandi, has been approved, and that we will become ambassadors of the .SHOP TLD. We already make use of domain names registered in various TLDs, primarily in geographic extensions, to forward to our various ‘product’ sites in French, but also in English, Italian and Spanish. What .SHOP allows us to do is to launch WIZI.SHOP as our flagship site, dedicated to the promotion of the Wizishop brand.”

Sophie Gironi, Head of Communication at,: “Our goal as a registrar is to offer our customers the largest possible catalog of TLDs, not just for the sake of selling every available TLD but more importantly to guarantee that all our customers will find the TLDs that best fit their needs. This is exactly what happened in the case of Wizishop and .shop, and that’s why we supported their application to .SHOP’s pioneer program. We are thrilled to see one of our customers become .SHOP’s ambassador for France”.

With more than 1,200 domain names registrations already, .SHOP is currently one of the TLD with the greatest number of registrations during the Sunrise phase of the release schedule.

.SHOP General Availability opens September 26, 2016. Advance registration available now at many registrars: Please visit for details.