Gmail’s ‘Got The Wrong Bob?’ to prevent embarrassing email lapses

Emails can be treacherous. All it takes is a momentary lapse in concentration, a small slip of the fingers, for sensitive messages to be sent to the wrong person. Angry rants about the boss end up in his inbox. Embarrassing secrets are revealed to strangers. The result can be cringeworthy, even dangerous.Now Google has worked out a method to make sure that your e-mails go to their intended destination. The company has launched “Got The Wrong Bob?”, a new feature for Gmail, its e-mail service. see:Google launches system to stop email accidents
Google has launched a new Gmail feature, ‘Got The Wrong Bob?’, to stop emails going to the wrong recipients in what has become a common but embarrassing workplace error.The application warns users that they may have typed the wrong email address and forces them to double-check before sending.

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