Global Survey on Multilingualism in ICANN's Work Now Online

ICANN logoICANN today enabled an online survey, available in 11 languages including English, to facilitate understanding of the way in which the community uses existing materials prepared in multiple languages. It will also help ICANN understand how it could enhance multilingual access to the work of the organisation.
This survey is also a key input into the public consultation process for the ICANN draft Translation Programme. The mission of the programme is to provide those who are not fluent English speakers with an equal level of access to influence and participate in the work of ICANN as those who are fluent in English.
You may find more information about the Translation Programme at:
The online survey is accessible at the following URL:
The results of the survey are be available in real-time at the following URL:
Note that the results available at the URL above only present the non-narrative answers of the survey. It is not presently possible to show summarized statistical results and at the same time include individual narrative responses in a way that is meaningful. The text answers will be compiled into the report prepared at the completion of the survey.
The survey will remain open until 20 June 2008.
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