Global Information Society 2007 – The digital divide: a review of ICTs in Africa, Asia and Latin America

The Global Information Society Watch 2007 report – the first in a series of annual reports- looks at state of the field of ICT policy at local and global levels and particularly how policy impacts on the lives of people living in developing countries. … The report concludes that when it comes to ICTs for development, there are some conspicuous similarities between the countries. Excluding Spain, the other twenty-one countries each show obvious evidence of the “digital divide” which impacts on the majority of people negatively. According to Brazilian authors RITS, the absence of a people-orientated policy framework in Brazil runs the risk of condemning the vast majority of people to “eternal disconnection.” The report also includes provocative, analytical essays on five international institutions (including ICANN and the World Intellectual Property Organisation) questioning the extent to which they allow all stake-holders to participate in their processes.

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