Glacial Progress Towards New gTLDs At ICANN San Francisco

Glacial progress is being made towards resolving issues between ICANN and the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) says Kieren McCarthy in a posting on his .NXT blog, reporting on on progress at the ICANN Silicon Valley San Francisco meeting on Tuesday.”[W]ith the first of those two days over, little or no progress has been made and a late-afternoon summary session was cancelled at the moment it was due to start,” wrote McCarthy.Signs that progress was not being made in a hoped for manner were being displayed by questions and comments on issues that deviated from the “carefully broken-out list of numbered issues.” Of course, anyone that has been to an ICANN meeting is used to such topics meandering off course as many people want to have their say.”Three-and-a-half hours later only two points had been agreed, and most issues had been deferred to a later date. The meeting broke up at 12.30pm, with the ICANN Board promising to return ‘between 4pm and 5pm’ with its responses after it had broken up into working groups.”To read Kieren McCarthy’s report on his .NXT blog in full, see: