Germany’s Top Court Curtails Disputed Data Storage Law

In a blow to Berlin’s efforts to boost anti-terrorism measures, Germany’s highest court on Wednesday, March 19 blocked parts of a sweeping data-collection law that had prompted large protests by civil libertiesGermany’s constitutional court on Wednesday severely curbed parts of a wide-reaching and highly controversial data collection law that requires telecom companies to store telephone and Internet data for up to six months, dealing a setback to government efforts to fight terrorism.,2144,3203058,00.htmlGerman court tightens up ISP, phone data retention rules
Germany’s highest court apparently had memories of Nazi and Stasi abuses in mind when it ruled on a series of surveillance and data privacy cases this year. In the most recent ruling, made today in Karlsruhe, the Constitutional Court found that Germany’s recent data retention directive targeting ISPs and telephone companies was problematic; going forward, the data retention will still be mandatory, but the information can only be accessed with a warrant and only for serious crimes.

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