Germany says Apple must improve data transparency

Apple Inc must “immediately make clear” what data it collects from users of its products and for what purposes, Germany’s justice minister was quoted as saying by Der Spiegel magazine on Saturday.”Users of iPhones and other GPS devices must be aware of what kind of information about them is being collected,” Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger told the German weekly.According to Der Spiegel, the minister’s criticism was aimed at changes Apple has made in its privacy policy whereby the company can collect data on the geographic location of the users of its products — albeit anonymously. see:Germany Asks Apple About iPhone’s Data-Gathering
The justice minister of Germany expressed concern on Monday over Apple’s practice of compiling data on users of its new iPhone, making the company the latest technology giant to fall afoul of the country’s strict privacy laws.The latest version of the company’s smartphone, the iPhone 4, went on sale in Germany on Thursday. Under German law, the mere act of collecting personal data without an individual’s permission, whether it be geographic location or Web traffic, is illegal.

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