German Pirate Party: Who Are the Pirates from Berlin?

They are handy with computers and are interested in issues relating to the Internet. Is that all? Many Berliners have been scratching their heads about the true identity of Germany’s youngest political party. But the answer is simple: They’re the new Greens.A protest party. A group of computer nerd misfits. Perhaps even a joke? Such were the portrayals of the Pirate Party in Berlin prior to Sunday’s city-state election. After all, how could a single-issue party made up largely of 20-something men really be serious about politics?,1518,787417,00.htmlAlso see:‘The Laptop-and-Latte Generation Has Found Its Party’
The German Pirate Party won 8.9 percent in the Berlin election to gain its first-ever seats in a state parliament. It could become a political force at the national level, say observers, arguing that the party represents a generation of Internet users who have been ignored by the web-phobic mainstream parties.The Pirate Party stunned Germany’s political establishment — and itself — on Sunday by coming from nowhere to win 8.9 percent of the vote in the Berlin regional election.It now plans to win seats in the national parliament in the 2013 general election. And it may well achieve that — the party embodies a fresh new political force that represents a whole generation of Web users, say observers.,1518,787295,00.html

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