German Pirate Party Member Insists on Copyright for Book

Encouraging free sharing of files on the Internet, including copyrighted material, is an official platform of Germany’s Pirate Party. This week, however, a senior member of the party has been policing illegal downloads of a book she published through a subsidiary of Random House. Will the party continue to promote its “information must be free” line?Politicians within Germany’s Pirate Party have long stated that they advocate the free exchange of information on the Internet — a virtual Wild West in which anyone can copy anything without any regard for copyright or other bothersome concerns. The fact that the free exchange of copyrighted material for “non-commercial” uses is actually an official Pirate platform even triggered a major debate in Germany about government policies on intellectual property earlier this year. The party has stated that free-of-charge downloads should be “explicitly” supported. Julia Schramm, a member of the Pirate Party’s executive committee, once even deemed the idea of intellectual property “disgusting” in a podcast.

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