German News Media Challenge Google

Search engine giant Google could be facing an investigation over allegedly anti-competitive practices in Germany following complaints from newspaper and magazine publishers who accuse the company of unfair search results and profiting from journalism that is expensive to produce. Google executives, however, say they believe the company complies with German and European laws.Google disclosed this weekend that Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has informed the company of several official complaints that have been filed about the search engine giant to the antitrust authority. The company said that both the Federation of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV) and the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ) have filed a joint complaint. In addition, complaints have also been filed by, a Microsoft subsidiary, and Euro-Cities, who are asking Germany’s antitrust authority to probe the company.,1518,672580,00.htmlAlso see:German Publishers File Complaint Against Google
Google said Monday that it faced antitrust complaints in Germany from newspaper and magazine publishers who want the company to pay them for using article snippets in its Web news service and search results.Google said the German Federal Cartel Office had also informed it of separate but related complaints from a Microsoft subsidiary, Ciao, and a Berlin-based online mapping company, Euro-Cities.

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