Georgian cyberattacks suggest Russian involvement

The hackers who launched cyberattacks against the former Soviet republic of Georgia two months ago probably had links to the Russian government, even though no hard evidence has been uncovered of official involvement, a report by an all-volunteer group of experts said today.”Just because there was no smoking gun doesn’t mean there’s no connection,” said Jeff Carr, the principal investigator of Project Grey Goose, a group of around 15 computer security, technology and intelligence experts that investigated the August attacks against Georgia. “There probably is a connection” between the hackers and the Russian government, said Carr, “and one of the reasons why I say that is what I’ve been saying all along. The military invasion was on [Aug. 8], and within 24 hours, there was one well-formed group with target lists and a Web site and members. Attack Graphs from Russia vs. Georgia’s Cyberattacks by Dancho Danchev
Part of Georgia’s information warfare campaign was aiming to minimize the bandwidth impact on its de-facto media platforms such as the website of their Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I’ve just received a report on “Russian Invasion of Georgia,” titled “Russian Cyberwar on Georgia” which is quoting me on page 4 regarding “too good to be courtesy of Russia’s cyber militia” creative that appeared on the defaced Georgian President’s website.

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