George W. Bush Library Web Developer Buys Back Expired Domain for $35K

The expiry of the domain name for George W. Bush’s presidential library is a salient lesson for us all to never let your domain name expire if you want to keep it. The web developing company that had acquired the domain name for the presidential library, Yuma Solutions, forgot to renew it, and was forced to pay $35,000 out of their own money to retrieve it earlier this year.When they saw the domain name had expired, Illuminati Karate paid less than $10 for the realising the name had potential. Which it most certainly did!The name was originally bought for $3,000 in March 2007 for use by the presidential library. The name is now safe until 2013 when it next expires.To read more on this story, see The Dallas Morning News here or an AP story here or here.

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