Geographic and Specialty Names Dominate Proposed gTLDs

Over 100 proposals have been publicly announced for when ICANN begins taking applications for new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) according to statistics compiled by Adrenaline TLD, themselves likely applicants for a number of sporting-related gTLDs such as .SKI, .BIKE and .SURF.The proposals are dominated by geographical and specialty strings and these make up 87 of the 104 possibilities and do not include internationalise domain name extensions. There are also duplicates with more than one applicant at this stage for several gTLDs including .GAY, .SPORT and .ECO.According to Adrenaline, there are three proposed applications for brand names, 14 for community groups, 48 geographical TLDs and 39 specialty TLDs.”Domain name extensions are the corner stone of everything that happens on the internet,” said Rob Rozicki, Adrenaline Ltd’s New TLD Evangelist.”All our business, social and cultural experiences online would not have been possible without the domain name system we have today. The internet is now at a pivotal point with the introduction of new TLDs to expand the reach and enrich the internet users experience by being able to relate the extension directly back to the content like never before. Some New TLDs will be hugely successful, some will be failures and some will just hang on but all will be pioneers in the future of the internet.”The list also includes three brand names that have publicly expressed an interest in applying for a gTLD – Canon, Deloitte and UNICEF. However it is expected that many companies are holding their cards close to their chest and will not reveal their intentions until applications for new gTLDs are accepted. While others will be waiting to see what their competitors do and how the introduction of new gTLDs is received.Of the 104 proposed gTLD applications, these include geographical applications for .BERLIN, .BCN, .PARIS, .KÖLN, .MADRID, .AFRICA and .HONGKONG. Proposed specialty applicants include .WEB, .WIKI, .RUGBY, .POKER, .GMBH and .FILM. There are also proposed gTLDs for communities such as .GAY, .KURD, .IRISH, .KURD, .GREEN and .ECO.This article was originally published on the eBrand Services website here. eBrandServices specialise in domain name brand management services.For more on Rob Rozicki’s research into new gTLDs, check out his blog here and in particular his article New TLDs – Its All in the Tea Leaves.—its-all-in-the-tea-leaves/