.GB.COM Domains Cease To Work

Centralnic’s GB.COM is no longer pointing to their nameservers reports Michele Neylon on his Internet News website. Neylon also says that any domains in the zone are now being wildcarded to the main GB.COM website.

Upon going to the GB.COM website, the following notice is posted:
Welcome to the GB.com site
You may be here because you have been sold a domain or email service using the gb.com domain that has ceased to work.

You can restore that service swiftly by registering with GB.COM Ltd.

GB.COM Ltd will not provide a service that you have paid others for, unless they have an arrangement with GB.COM Ltd.

If you have already paid for future service and it has ceased then you should contact your supplier.

If you have any queries please send us an email and we will endeavour to answer your questions.


In response, CentralNic have posted the following notice on their website:

Notice Regarding GB.COM Domains
Unfortunately, the service we have been providing for domains ending .gb.com has been interrupted. We apologize for any inconvenience – the interruption was effected without warning by a third party and was out of our control.

We are currently taking legal advice about this and will be taking urgent steps to restore the service. But we cannot achieve that instantly. In the interim we are taking every action possible to ensure that .gb.com websites continue to function during the temporary period before our service is restored, to mitigate any losses to our clients.

Neylon, who manages registrar Blacknight Solutions, did a bit of poking around in Whois records and found the nameservers for GB.COM were switched away from CentralNic over to Bytemark earlier on the day in question.

Neylon further notes that all the other Whois records seem to be unchanged. On his posting, Neylon notes several updates from CentralNic with the final one being from one of CentralNic’s staff stating:
We have started creating accounts with Gb.com Ltd for our registrars, and registering their domains into them. Although we don’t believe that Gb.com Ltd has any right to do what they’ve done, we feel that this is the best course of action to get our registrant’s domains working, until we can resolve the legal issue and bring gb.com back onto our registry infrastructure.

We are working in descending size order, so the largest registrar portfolios are being cleared first. As we are having to use a screen-scraping script to submit the information, it’s a slow process, taking 4-5 seconds per domain.

We have already registered those domains that are directly registered with us, with no registrar.

For further updates and additional information, see Michele Neylon’s Internet News blog at: