.GAY Announces Delay To General Availability Launch

With the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic sweeping the world, the company behind the .gay top-level domain has decided to take a step back and delay the launch of their General Availability to a date to be confirmed.

Originally General Availability was scheduled for May, but now Top Level Design has instead decided they must step up in additional ways during this time, and have decided to pivot their focus away from launching the scheduled launch of .gay and instead find ways to show up for LGBTQ communities throughout the crisis.

In their announcement, Top Level Design also said they will keep their own .gay team and partners safe and supported at this time. On April 6, .gay began a “Sunrise II” phase. During this phase, .gay will be available only to verified trademark holders via participating registrars. This phase will remain ongoing until public launch dates are finalised.

Top Level Design will continue raising crucial funds to support the work of their .gay beneficiary partners, GLAAD and CenterLink, during the extended Sunrise period


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