GAISF Welcomes Applications For .SPORT Domain Portfolio

GAISF has officially launched the .sport extension programme, offering its members the opportunity to secure their own .sport domain portfolio. As digital technology continues to evolve, International Federations (IFs) with a recognised and protected domain will ensure they are positioned as the global leader in their sport.

Owning a .sport domain from GAISF helps by instantly identifying an organisation or individual as a recognised, credible and trusted member of the global sports family. Each IF will acquire a portfolio that can include a number of domains, providing information for fans in more than 30 different languages. For every domain that isn’t actively managed by a Member, GAISF creates pages which includes a visual of the IF or event and a redirection to the Member’s main website, ensuring that each IF has a vast digital landscape but that traffic to its active sites are never lost.

Having an identifiable domain such as .sport gives all federations that choose to opt in to the initiative an unmistakable association to the sport ecosystem, as well as the opportunity to adopt a fresh and straightforward digital image that is easy discoverable by fans of the sport. Governing bodies, athletes, clubs, event organisers, media/publishers, as well as commercial brands that are associated with and reflect the values of sport can all apply for a .sport domain.

The International Gymnastics Federation became the first IF to join the .sport extension programme when it launched this week.

Following the launch, GAISF President Patrick Baumann said:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for our Members to become leaders in the evolution of digital sport. Our objective is to develop a safe and trusted space, controlled for the good of sport. We will develop a strong and united ecosystem that truly benefits GAISF Members, our stakeholders and fans all over the world.”

“I am delighted that FIG has committed, and I am confident that many other Federations, as well as event organisers, media outlets and commercial brands will also follow suit.”

FIG President Morinari Watanabe added:

“Thanks to GAISF, FIG now has a complete digital portfolio where we can activate many more portals with a .sport signature, for our multiple disciplines and across every major language.

“The growth of our digital footprint through will not only help us to provide a world-class service to our dedicated global fans, but also improve our ability to communicate effectively, ensuring they remain up to date with everything that is going on in the world of gymnastics.”

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