Gävle becomes Sweden’s first city to use DNSSEC

Gävle becomes the first city in Sweden, and probably also in the world, to utilize secure DNS resolution (DNSSEC). The new service was deployed this week and its main purpose is to secure remote logins from employees of Gävle municipality. – We have over 7500 employees and we want to ensure that they are connected to the right server when they log in. DNSSEC enables us to do just that, explains Ulf Bergkvist, manager within Gävle’s IT Services department. .SE introduced its DNSSEC service in February, 2007, as the first top level domain in the world. .SE DNSSEC has garnered a lot of interest all over the world, and has been the subject of presentations on several international conferences during 2007. – Several partners of .SE will offer the service to their customers starting this fall. Large companies within the finance sector are also interested, says Michael Winberg, project manager for DNSSEC within .SE. About .SE .SE (the Internet Infrastructure Foundation) is responsible for the Swedish Internet top-level domain, .se. As the central registry, .SE manages domain name registrations and the administrative and technical operation of the national domain name system. As an independent non-profit organisation, .SE supports a positive development of the Internet in Sweden. Through .SE’s Internet Fund, .SE annually supports projects contributing to the development and utilisation of the Internet. Today, more than 650 000 domain names are registered at .SE. The organisation’s more than 200 registrars are resellers of domain names. For more information, see www.iis.se. This news release, with contacts at .SE, was sourced from http://iis.se/english/nyheter/news/2007-09-04