Fusu, the Domain Stock Exchange, Rings Opening Bell

Fusu logoToday marks the official launch date for Fusu, the world’s first Domain Stock Exchange, premiering at T.R.A.F.F.I.C., the largest and most successful Domain event, with a list of premium generic Domain Names that combine a value of almost $1.5 million.

Fusu uses the concept of the traditional stock exchange and applies it to the Domain Names industry by providing a trading platform for owners, shareholders and investors. Under Fusu’s elaborated scheme, the holder of a premium domain name can decide to monetize a fraction of its value by listing it on the new Domain Stock Exchange, generating instant cash flow without having to relinquish any right on the domain itself. In turn, “share holders” get a fraction of the sales revenue when the domain is eventually sold.

David Castello from Castello Cities Internet Network, who has recently been awarded at the 2008 Domainers Choice Awards as a Domain Ambassador and a long time professional Domainer, brings the high value and premium domain eel.com to Fusu. David comments: “Fusu represents a historic milestone in the evolution of the Domain Name industry.”
“For the first time, Domainers can get immediate and significant liquidity without having to give up control over their domains”, comments Xavier Buck, CEO of EuroDNS and Fusu’s strategic partner. “At the same time, Fusu brings full transparency and reliability, as well as the financials tools and security to the market. These formerly missing elements will in turn attract more investment from the financial community.”

“I have been involved with the beta of fusu.com and have been thoroughly impressed with the concept, platform, and customer service provided by the Fusu team.”, adds William Brister, a Fusu beta tester, “I believe the time is right for this creative way for domain owners to obtain liquidity and at the same time for investors to own shares in premium domains. Fusu will bring necessary exposure to the particular values of premium domain names and therefore increase the overall value of the Domain Industry.”

The other domains at launch include Warning.com, Recycle.it, Ground.com, TopHotels.com, and Hot.tv. A domain guaranteed to receive a broad interest is Flowers.mobi, the name that Rick “Domain King” Schwartz bought in 2007 for $200,000 in a widely reported deal.

The domains will go through a series of Fusu Initial Domain Offering (IDO) Auctions to determine the market interest and to let the market find an appropriate valuation. First in line is eel.com, with the auction starting today at an initial value of $200,000.

“We are honored that Fusu has attracted the interest from such well respected Domainers, and that such a strong partner as EuroDNS has backed up our concept”, says Tobias Ratschiller, Fusu founder. “After the launch, our challenge will be to convert the initial success we have seen into a liquid Exchange. Our goal is to reach a market volume of over $10 million by the end of the year.”

About Fusu:
Fusu (www.fusu.com) is the world’s first Domain Stock Exchange. Founded in 2007 and currently in public beta, its mission is to bring fractional ownership to the domain industry through a liquid, professionally run financial Exchange.